Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looky what I finally found!!

Hey all! So I am so excited I finally found the wet n wild trio's I have been looking for forever I swear! I found 2(the top ones) of them at a Winco grocery store which I totally didn't expect, but they had them along with a lot of other wet n wild stuff so I will definitly get some more stuff later from there now that I know its there! The other 2(bottom ones) I found at fred meyer. Which I knew they had them but they were always sold out of the colors I wanted so I guess I got lucky this time! The only thing now is to find the 8 pan palette. I can't find those anywhere which is sad! I really want 2 of them and nowhere around me has them. So hopefully I will get lucky soon and find them somewhere unexpected.

Top left: Sweet as candy & Top right: Walking on Eggshells
Bottom left: Knock on wood & Bottom right: Silent treatment

Some colors are very similar but that's totally fine with me, I know I will get good use out of them all! I know most of you have heard and seen these so I won't do swatches but if you do want me to do them let me know and I will get pics up =)

Another thing I found at fred meyer's while I was out and about was the mega lash clinical serum and mascara.
It says in just 4 weeks, longer, thicker, fuller looking lashes so I'm really hoping it works! I am going to do a review on this so expect that in a month with pictures of every week =)


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