Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My first Milani Cosmetic's Experience!

Hey all! So a lovely woman named Jenna from Milani cosmetics sent me a little goody bag with different products. I am so excited cause this is my first time trying this brand. I haven't been able to find them in stores around me so I am really excited about this post! First up is just a couple pics of what I got.
This is how it was sent too me.
I open it up and find...
sorry for the lighting...onto more fun pics and what I think.

I got this metallic baked eyeshadow in color Purrr-fect Purple(604)

Thoughts: I really love this color(probably cause I am a sucker for purples!) but its a little harder to get on and get even. You definitly need a good brush for this and go over the eyelid a few times to get an even coat, but when you do the payoff is soooo pretty! Another thing is you definitly need a good primer. I put it on just to test with no primer and it creased and faded a little to easily. I do have oily eyelids so that doesn't help but wanted to see how it did with no primer.

This is the Liquif'eye metallic eye liner in color Brown (05)

Thoughts: Oh my word! I love this eyeliner! It goes on so smoothly and has great color payoff. It stays put too! (The swatch on my hand I had to scrub off) I just couldn't believe how easy and effortless it went on. I will definitly get more of these especially a black one. Definitly a top fav in eyeliners for me now.

Baked blush in color Rose D'Oro

Thoughts: Wow, what a great blush. It is such a pretty peachy pink shade that has gold tones baked into it. This will last me awhile because a little definitly goes a long way. Very pretty.

Here is a pic so hopefully you can see the gold in it.

Lip Flash full coverage shimmer gloss pencil in color In a flash(07)                                                          

Thoughts:It is very pretty but honestly I probably      won't wear this hardly at all. Its so shimmery and      bright and I am just so used to light pinks and nude   colors that this is way out of the box for me! Maybe for a fun party night or something but definitly not     for regular use for me.                                             

HD Advanced lip color in Classy nude(102)
It says it is light to medium coverage that hydrates and moisturizes.

Thoughts: I wasn't even aware of this product till now and I love it. It goes on really nice has buildable color and feels great on my lips. It has a nice kinda fruity smell too it and its not sticky at all. I am really pleased with this I think this, the blush and the eyeliner I will keep in stock in my makeup drawer!

Milani Nail Polish in color Purple Gleam
It says one coat glitter

Thoughts: I really like the color(duh, its purple! haha) but as far as the one coat glitter I don't think so. I put 2 coats for the picture because 1 just didn't do it for me its was very thin and spotty. I think it would be pretty on top of a different color polish with some kind of top coat to help the scratchyness of the polish. This just wasn't a favorite of mine, but hey that is ok with me. I love trying different things to find what I like and don't like.

well that's what I got and what I think. I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favorite Milani products or what are the ones you want to try?

*All products were sent to me for free for review . Company that is mentioned is not paying me for this. All opinions are 100% my own.

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