Monday, May 9, 2011

My E.L.F hits and misses

Hey all!
So last weekend I did a E.L.F haul post to show you what I got. You can see that post and swatches if you click HERE. So now I thought I would do more of a review of what I liked, what I didn't like, and what is just so so to me and why. I guess I will start with what I loved...
*The blush and bronzer duo*
so pretty and I love the shimmer it has! Goes on super easy and a little definitely goes a long way for me.
* The complexion powder*
I had no clue how this would work for me but had seen so many positive reviews I had to try it and I am glad I did! I like to use it over my liquid foundation as a setting powder. It doesn't totally help with all the redness but it does a good enough job for me! I say try it if you haven't.
*Eyelash curler*
Love how this curls my lashes!
*Conditioning lip balm*
Goes on super nice and easy. Very pretty color for a balm and doesn't have bad taste or smell too it. I will definitely get more of these.
Last but certainly not least
*eyelid primer*
I gotta tell you I had no high hopes for this whatsoever! I totally thought it would fail me and just not work. I do have somewhat oily eyelids so I just didn't think it would work but had to try it and wow I was wrong!! I works so good for me it ranks right up there with Urban Decay Primer Potion! Now I don't know how it will last for a long night or party so I can't say it lasts all night but it does last through the day for me. I just really couldn't believe how good it worked. I am so happy it did since its so cheap!! I will definitely keep this in my makeup drawer!! Go try it if you haven't!

Eh...these are the products that are not the worst but really didn't work for me:
*The mineral infused face primer*
Didn't really do a thing for me at all and didn't help with my oilyness at all which is the main reason I bought it too see if it would help. I'm constantly trying to find something for my oily tzone so if you know of something that helps please please let me know!
*zit zapper*
I don't see it doing a thing. I have a couple pimples that I wanted to be gone but this really didn't help for me. I guess I will stick to what I know will help or maybe it's cause I haven't used it for long enough. I dunno but it just really didn't impress me.

And now for the stuff I won't buy again:
*Natural lashes*
They don't even look the same too is cut too short in spots and they just don't look that natural to me at all.
 *eyebrow treat and tame*
I got the color dark and its not at all the dark color I thought it would be. I was hoping a dark brown color. I also switched the wands to see if I would like it a bit better but really I just don't like it at all. Just doesn't work for me and it's probably cause the color was so off to me. I think I will try what I have seen a lot of bloggers use. the maybelline clear mascara?
*eyeshadow duo's*
I got 2 cream and 1 regular and like none =( the cream ones crease no matter what I do and I just don't care for them at all and the regular I really didn't care for the color when I put it on. Oh well I am glad I got too try to at least see what I like and didn't like.

Hope this helped a little bit and you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think or what your faves are and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!!


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