Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi all!
So I do this monthly shoe club where you pay $39.95 a month and get a pair of shoes or a handbag. You take a style quiz at the beginning and then Every month they pick 6 shoes and 6 handbags for you. You can cancel at anytime and you can skip a month whenever you want it just has too be before the 5th of the month. Here is the link Justfab so you can see more info and sign up if you want =). Also if you sign up it gives me some reward points and same too you for everyone who signs up through your link. Once you get too 100 points you get a free item. I have gotten a few so far and love it. It's a great idea! I got my new shoes today that I used my reward points for. I love them!
I would of shown on foot but I still have to paint my nails so I didn't want to show how they are now! haha but anyways I can't wait too wear these. I LOVE wedges!

I hope I explained it good enough and any questions please ask me! Have a great day!


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