Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sinful colors nail polish haul

Hey all! So I decided to get some sinful colors nail polish off while they were on sale. I decided just to go off the swatches from online and see what I get and what they actually look like. I never rely on the online swatches, I swear they are always off! I took a chance just cause they were only .99 cents so why not! here are the pics...
From left to right:
Social ladder,Glass Pink, Beautiful Girl, Mint Apple, Hazard, All About You, and Hotspot

Social Ladder(done with 2 coats)
My thoughts: Very pretty but probably one I wouldn't buy again. I think I will try putting it on top of another color to see what it's effect is.

Glass Pink(done with 2 coats)
My thoughts:
I think its very similar to social ladder except for its a bit more pinkish. I think only doing one coat makes them look even more alike. I prefer this one over social ladder just because it has the more pinkish tone to it. This is another one I will probably layer over a different color.

Beautiful Girl(done with 3 coats)
My thoughts:
 I really love the color of this one but really dislike that I have to do 3 coats or more to achieve its color.

Mint Apple(done with 2 coats)
My thoughts:
Love this color!!! I don't think I have ever wore a color like this and can't believe it has taken me this long to get a color like this. I was hoping it was more like the mint green that is really popular right now but oh well cause I still love it. Definitely will use this a lot!

Hazard(done with 2 coats)
My thoughts:
Another color I would normally not buy but I actually really like it...I think that in the pic it looks a bit brighter than what it looks like in person. I like that its not the bright orange its more of a corally orange color. Definitely a good summer color I think.

Hot Spot(done with 2 coats)
My thoughts:
I am not a fan of blue nail polish. I think its pretty but just don't care for it on me. I seen the swatch and thought it would be darker than it is so I could see if I would like it but it's not so I probably won't use this a whole lot if at all.

All about you(done with 2 coats)
My thoughts:
This is another one I know I will use a lot especially to go over other colors. I have never have had a gold glitter nail polish before so it will be fun to play with this and see what kind of combo's I can come up with. I think I would wear it alone too but probably add another coat.

All in all I am happy with my purchase and what I got. I think that since they were so cheap I got to experiment a little more than if they were normal price(which I know is not a lot but this mama of 3 needs to budget!haha) or if they were more pricey brands of nail polish. Hope you enjoyed my post and let me know if there is one I NEED to try or just to let me know your favorites! I would love to hear.


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