Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Cream Liner

Hey all! So this is my first creme liner from Wet n Wild and I am pretty happy with it!
I picked this up after seeing a couple reviews on it so of course had to try it for myself =)
What I like:
*Goes on super smooth.
*Lasts a long time
*Can give a great dramatic eye and its great for doing the winged out look.
*Great for just an everyday eye if you have a good thin brush.
*I love how black the color is. Seems like with some eyeliners you keep having to go over and over to get it to be really dark. This takes one line and your good to go. (if that makes sense!)
*The price! I picked this up for around $3.00(can't remember exact price)

What I don't like:
*The brush it comes with. Don't even try a thin close line to your lashes with this one. Plus with how small it is I feel like I don't have the total control I want.
*No trying to smudge this liner. I tried the first time just because I used the brush it came to see how it would do. I didn't like how big the line was after using the brush and I really didn't wanna have to start all over, so I wanted to try too soften the line and learned that If you try smudging this liner you will have tiny black flakes all over you cheeks and eye area.

Other than that I am really happy and will continue too use this. Can't beat the price! I say go try it if you haven't and if you have...How do you like it?

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