Thursday, July 21, 2011

FOTD ft. Wet n Wild Petal Pusher palette

Hope you all are doing well. 
Today I decided to get my wet n wild Petal Pusher palette out because I have been ignoring it for awhile. I love it don't get me wrong but with getting my true blood palette I think I have been ignoring most my palette's. I love this one and the colors. I am a huge purple fan, it is one of my fav colors and it is the color of my birthstone.
I used the top 3 colors on the right.
So many looks can be created with this palette. Today I chose a bold but simple look.I just stuck with bronzer and an neutral gloss for my face. Thanks to you all I have been way more open to bold looks and playing around trying to create them! I am really loving them. Most of this week has been bold looks cause I am just loving them!

I really need to play with my camera more to learn how to take better pics. I swear every bold look I do doesn't come across as bold as it is in person!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lipgloss Love of the week

So I decided I want to do a post that I created that I do weekly, just something that's different and what I love. I know there may be similar posts but I figure this would be fun and show my love for what....LIPGLOSS!! I am sure most of you know that I LOVE me some lipgloss! I am a sucker for it and I have way to much but that doesn't stop me from buying that color that is close or the same as the one in my drawer but really it's different(or that's just what I tell myself). I get so happy when I find a new one and bring it home. What better way to feature a different gloss every week that I am loving!
So to start things off I decided to go with the lipgloss featured in my FOTD that I did today which you can find Here.  

This weeks featured lipgloss is No7 Lip glace in Jelly Bean. I have never tried or even seen these before this one which was actually sent to my by Amalia J. 
The description on the back says: Sheer non sticky super shiny colour with Shea butter to moisturise & vitamin E to condition your lips.

It goes on nice and smooth, great color and I didn't find it sticky at all. It has a yummy sweet smell to it as well. I found that wearing it through the day it really did help keep my lips feeling nice and smooth. Now I really want to find where I can get more of these!

*I didn't do a swatch since this was on my lips in my FOTD post earlier.

Have you tried this?


FOTD: Neutral eye with a brighter lip.

Just wanted to do a quick FOTD post. I went back to a neutral eye because I wanted to be daring a do a bolder lip =) I am not one for bright lips. I love them but I just don't feel super comfy doing them so since I am just at home with my kid's today I thought I would try it out to see if I like. I didn't go super bright but it definitely is bright enough for me.
Should I stick with bright lips here and there??? I dunno yet...

I really like how my eye's turned out today. I did a bit of a different technique with my brush and where I was applying it and it worked well for me =)
on another note. I got some new shoes! I am a member with shoedazzle, which is a monthly shoe club but it also has handbags and jewelry.You get charged $39.95 a month unless you skip the month and you get to pick one pair of shoes, bag or jewelry. I haven't bought anything from them in awhile but I saw these wedges and I am definitely a sucker for a cute wedge =)
I love the pink color and that they are not super tall!
Here is the link to join: SHOEDAZZLE
If you click this link and join your first purchase will be 20% off and I get some reward points =)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tarte for True Blood limited edition palette

Hi everyone!
Just a random pic of my lily's that just bloomed and a butterfly who loves them =)

 I feel like I haven't blogged in forever...It has been a crazy busy but fun week/weekend, I got my hair chopped and colored, had my son's baseball tournament all weekend then a party on the 3rd and a wedding on the 4th so I haven't been on here much at all. I had to get on here now though because I wanted to blog about this so bad! My hubby is so awesome and got this for me, well told me to buy it. I couldn't imagine him ordering it or going to get something like this! haha Anyways here it is!!!

Different angle
card it came with
Inside of the card. I really like how they give you a few different looks to try with fun names!

Tried to get a good pic with the names of all the colors but you end up seeing my hand and camera to! haha

Oh my goodness, they are all so pretty!

The drawer has the eye primer, mascara and eyeliner
From left to right: the light, fairy, dusk. They are hard too see since they are so light. I tried my best to get a good picture.

Left to right: dawn, werewolf, waitress, noctural

Left to right: charmer, glamour me, stake

left to right: bayou, telepath, the true death, immortal

Left to right: moss, legend, V

Extra goodies that I got =)

Overall I am so pleased and happy I bought this! Just the look of it and the colors I know I will love this and it will be a palette I use often. All the colors went on great for swatches. One thing that you should know if your not one for glitter/shimmer this is not for you. Most are those type of shadows. Too me that is perfect. I love shimmery stuff! I just can't wait to start playing with all of these colors.
Sorry the swatches are not better. I was kinda rushing. My hubby is in the living room and keeps bugging me about when I will be done so we can watch a show! haha I couldn't resist doing this and getting this post  up! Hope you all enjoyed this.


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