Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FOTD: Neutral eye with a brighter lip.

Just wanted to do a quick FOTD post. I went back to a neutral eye because I wanted to be daring a do a bolder lip =) I am not one for bright lips. I love them but I just don't feel super comfy doing them so since I am just at home with my kid's today I thought I would try it out to see if I like. I didn't go super bright but it definitely is bright enough for me.
Should I stick with bright lips here and there??? I dunno yet...

I really like how my eye's turned out today. I did a bit of a different technique with my brush and where I was applying it and it worked well for me =)
on another note. I got some new shoes! I am a member with shoedazzle, which is a monthly shoe club but it also has handbags and jewelry.You get charged $39.95 a month unless you skip the month and you get to pick one pair of shoes, bag or jewelry. I haven't bought anything from them in awhile but I saw these wedges and I am definitely a sucker for a cute wedge =)
I love the pink color and that they are not super tall!
Here is the link to join: SHOEDAZZLE
If you click this link and join your first purchase will be 20% off and I get some reward points =)


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