Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lipgloss Love of the week

So I decided I want to do a post that I created that I do weekly, just something that's different and what I love. I know there may be similar posts but I figure this would be fun and show my love for what....LIPGLOSS!! I am sure most of you know that I LOVE me some lipgloss! I am a sucker for it and I have way to much but that doesn't stop me from buying that color that is close or the same as the one in my drawer but really it's different(or that's just what I tell myself). I get so happy when I find a new one and bring it home. What better way to feature a different gloss every week that I am loving!
So to start things off I decided to go with the lipgloss featured in my FOTD that I did today which you can find Here.  

This weeks featured lipgloss is No7 Lip glace in Jelly Bean. I have never tried or even seen these before this one which was actually sent to my by Amalia J. 
The description on the back says: Sheer non sticky super shiny colour with Shea butter to moisturise & vitamin E to condition your lips.

It goes on nice and smooth, great color and I didn't find it sticky at all. It has a yummy sweet smell to it as well. I found that wearing it through the day it really did help keep my lips feeling nice and smooth. Now I really want to find where I can get more of these!

*I didn't do a swatch since this was on my lips in my FOTD post earlier.

Have you tried this?


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