Friday, September 16, 2011

My fostering adventure starts!

Hey beauties! So this is totally beauty unrelated but I want to start doing random posts about my fostering adventure! I decided since my wonderful Belle disappeared and sadly never came home that I wanted to really start helping cats/kittens, so my mom has actually been working with a couple gals that take in unwanted/neglected cats/kittens and then get them all ready to be adopted. Well she got me into all of this and yesterday I picked up my first foster kitties! I am taking care of 3 spunky, curious, sweet, cute, funny kittens. The took to us and the house really quick. Within an hour of being at my home they were playing and running around. Today has been great to they have been playing, sleeping, following me and playing some more. This is already the best thing I have done with my free time and already so rewarding to see these unwanted kittens have a chance at a good life. Here are some pictures of them

My daughter loves to play with the kittens...She also gave them temporary names: Cece, Rocky, and China...don't ask me which one is which! haha
Sleepy kittens in their makeshift bed =) they love it!

this little girl decided to come sit on me then fall asleep. I sat there for awhile just so I wouldn't wake this sweet girl up.

Doing this really just warms my heart and I look forward to the future cats and kittens that I get to help out and make their lives a bit better. For now its these 3 cute sisters that I am enjoying.


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