Friday, November 18, 2011

FOTD: Feelin Kinda Nutty!

Hey beauties =) Hope you all having a great day!
So as I was sitting at my vanity trying to decide on colors to choose. I thought well I should probably give my older colors some love. I have got some fun palettes lately but ignoring some of my older stuff. I chose a few that I have only used a couple of times and I am so happy with how my eyes turned out today. It is a good makeup day for me today =)
*The first color I chose was Wet n Wild Nutty. I didn't care for it when I first got it but then once I used it a couple of times I really like it. I used that as my all over lid color. 
*Then pretty purple(the darkest of the trio) with a maroonish tint to it. It's called Violet Riot trio by mark. I used that in my crease area. I also added a little black in the crease to darken it up. 
*Then used the Wet n Wild creme eyeliner cause I always forget I have that. It is a great creme eyeliner!
*My friend just sent me her Laura Geller blush n brighten in Como from her birchbox because she just wasn't into it so I had to use that and I love it! It is a great highlighter.

I also added some of the purple color under my eyes but it isn't showing as well. I am always hesitant to put color or eyeliner under my eyes...I just don't really care for it on me but Sonja from always has amazing looks and always puts the color under her eyes. Now I am no where near as talented as she is with her looks but I always love how the color is under the eyes so I have wanted to try it here and there to see how I like it. I am starting off not as noticeable I guess to get used to it!

I am loving learning from all you bloggers with my eye looks. I have never been so bold with makeup in my life till this blog! Love it!

I took pictures for my FOTD yesterday but never got around to posting it. I probably posted enough yesterday anyways! Thought I would just throw it in this post just cause =)

I was set on using my new Revlon lipstick in Prim-Rose as the main focus. I did use a touch of gloss over it but it is pretty much the same shade as the lipstick. Just a super quick look I did using my metal mania palette before I had to go to my daughters conference.

Last but not least I have to thank my Best friend for all the goodies she just sent me. We unintentionally did a swap type of thing, I had planned on sending her a bunch of makeup I didn't use and she ended up sending me back stuff she didn't use. Also made me some fudge! Ohhhh it is so good its evil! I just want to eat it all at once.


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