Sunday, November 27, 2011

New first time polish...Color Club, China Glaze, & OPI

Hey beauties!
Hope your all having a great weekend. Ill be doing a post about mine so I won't go into detail on this one. So a couple weeks ago I did a post about my weekend with my mani/pedi at the salon using China Glaze LOL...I fell in LOVE with the color but then come to find out it was discontinued...What?!...Why!?! It is an amazing color and now I am on the search for a good dupe. I have never purchased any of these brands and have never tried any of these 3 brands besides my salon trip. So I was also excited to try new brands and add them to my little polish collection! Here is what I chose:

OPI  Teenage Dream, Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em, Fashion Addict, and Wild at Heart, China Glaze Snow globe.

Teenage Dream has been one I wanted to try for awhile and I really love it! I like it alone and I think it will be pretty over the right color. Great choice for my first OPI!

This is Love 'em or Leave 'em(sticker fell off the bottom) and I was pleasantly surprised by this color. I was not to fond but curious about it so I just went ahead and ordered it. I am glad I did! It is so pretty on.

LOVE Fashion addict...It is so pretty on! Probably my favorite from all of these.

 Wild at Heart was my attempt at a dupe for LOL and sadly it isn't... I do like it and how purple it is but it doesn't have the same effect as LOL....Hopefully soon I will find a good dupe or I am gonna break down and have to pay 25 or more for a bottle! ugh! I really don't want to do that...

I like Snow Globe but not alone...I think it will be super pretty layered over another polish.

Thumb(Teenage Dream) Pointer(Love 'em or leave 'em) Middle (Fashion Addict) Ring(Wild at Heart) Pinky(Snow Globe)

Overall really happy with my purchases...I bought OPI and Fashion addict on ebay and the rest from 3 bottles were only 3 dollars a piece. I want to buy tons more now that I seen this site!

Also, I wanted to show where my nail polish goes. My daughter had this shelf unit in her room for the longest time and wasn't using it. I forgot all about it so when she brought it out I said ooh nail polish shelf! I don't own a ton of nail polish so this is perfect for now. It doesn't fit all my polish but most. So I just put the ones I love the most. I have been buying nail polish a lot more lately so I don't know what I am gonna do when this is full!


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