Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoya: Neeka & Colbie

Hey beauties! 
It's been a busy couple of days for me. I finally decided on a color to paint my kitchen and its been taking all my time. I painted it a really pretty red color and man I didn't know how much of a pain red was to paint. It needed about 4 coats and I am still not done(ran out of paint!) But I love it so I guess it was worth all the trouble! Anyways I got my 2 Zoya polishes from the get 2 free just pay shipping promo they did.

Neeka and Colbie: 

Once again LOVE the colors. Zoya does not disappoint. 
 Neeka is from the Smoke & Mirrors collection
The description on
Zoya nail polish in Neeka can be best described as: A greyed amethyst with subtle red duochrome shimmer and bright gold glitter accents.? A fascinating, unique shade that manages to be glittery but not too flashy.

Colbie description from
Zoya Nail Polish in Colbie can be best described as: Blackened warm red with copper-orange undertones with rich metallic shimmer. A vampy red with depth for a dramatic look.

Both are gorgeous and I don't have anything like this so I am a happy girl =) I think out of the 2 Neeka is my favorite. I am sucker for purple polishes and I love how this one is a bit darker.


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