Friday, April 13, 2012

JulieG Nail Polish

Hi Beauties!
I hope you are not getting bored with all my nail polish posts lately! I have just been so hooked on it! haha I made myself stop with eye shadow since I have too much and now I went to nail polish and have been going crazy! But, nail polish is one thing I can never have enough. Especially since I change my nails so often.

Today I am going to show you 4 of the colors from JulieG's new nail polish line. I couldn't resits buying some of these and really want more now!

*All swatched with 2 coats.

 I think this is my favorite of the 4. I love the shimmer in it!

 I thought these were gonna be an exact dupe when I had they out together but as you can see hayden is a little darker orange. Love them both!

I am very pleased with all the polishes. The brush wasn't overly big and they all went on very easy. None of them were to thick. Just a great nail polish in my opinion. 9 to 5 did have a bit of streakyness to it but I think with 3 coats it will be just fine.

I can't wait to get more. At only $3.99 per bottle they won't break the bank either. 

Have you tried any of these polishes yet? 

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