Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vegas vacation! (Pic Heavy)

Hi Beauties!

I had a wonderful Vegas Vacation with friends and family. It was beautiful there and perfect weather. It was high 80's and I just loved it! I wanted to show you all some of my pictures.

Our first stop(for dinner) Had to start it right!

So pretty! we actually saw a double rainbow too.

First sighting of Vegas!!

Ohhh, getting closer! This picture makes me laugh because my hubby turned on Can't tell me nothing by Kanye West(its the song played in hangover when they come into vegas) I just started laughing when he turned that on!

Were here, were here, were here!

windy but gorgeous day to begin our trip!

Went to Dicks restaurant which was so much fun/funny! The balloon guy made me this lovely  little guy! HAHA

I just love Vegas at night

Time to walk and look at more stuff!

My wonderful mama!

Me and my love

My bro and hubby are amazed! lol

How does it smell babe?!

That was all ice...Thanks to the hubby for sticking his hand on me after doing this!!!

hubby and my wonderful parents

I LOVE THIS! I stared at this for awhile. Just thought it was so cool! So impressed with Seahawks new uniforms.

Pretty :)
Such a fun roller coaster!

Gotcha mom!

Did the real Caeser live here?
(Alan from Hangover)

This is how we roll in Vegas!

MJ impersonater. He did awesome!

Me and My friend Linda having fun in the elevator!
Love these pictures! 

Beer safety while I have a potty break!! haha...yes, I'm a goof 90 percent of the time!

Headed down to Fremont street and had some more fun!

Some things I bought :))
posts soon to see what I got!

Then headed home we decided to go by Reno...I so didn't expect it to be so dead when we went there. I think I seen maybe 10 people if that...crazy to me. Definitely nothing like Vegas!

Whoa! Seen this on the drive home...happy to say we had no encounters!

Pretty sunset.

I had such a great time! I cannot wait for the next Vegas trip!
Stay tuned for my MAC and INGLOT posts! Hopefully I will get them up today!

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