Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Model in a Bottle Setting Spray Review

Hi Beauties!

Oh Hautelook how I love you! 

I recently got Model in a Bottle setting spray from hautelook because I am on the search for something to help keep my oily skin matte(Oh you oily skin you drive me crazy!) I have used the UD all nighter and I really like it but it didn't help a ton with my shininess. Well I have to look no more because I think I found me a winner!

So I was actually doing my makeup for a review post(notice that blue eyeliner) the same day I tried this out. Just in case your like wait? what? same picture, different post? Is she tricking us?
It was a busy product review day for me!
Anyways, did my makeup, sprayed this and honestly waited for it to fail. Nothing against the product but knowing my face I didn't have high hopes.
Then kept checking and checking, still no need to touch up my face. Really?!
In fact, I didn't touch up all day! 
I also had this on when I recently went to a concert. Anyone who has been to an indoor concert knows it can get hot and a little sweaty especially when your dancing and moving all around. My makeup looked great when I left. Yes, I was a little shiny but that is a given when I also was dancing and screaming like a crazy woman! The only thing I felt I needed to touch up was my lipstick that night!
This does has a strong scent though. It might be too strong for some. I actually enjoy it. It's like makeup setting spray/perfume for my face. Sweet! haha
I get whiffs of it here and there but it doesn't smell bad at all to me. I know some have more issues with smells and sensitivity so I do wanna throw that out there.
There is also a skin sensitive formula so if you have any sensitivities I would try that.
I don't know if hautelook will have this again...Hopefully! But, you can find it on their site for $18 a bottle which isn't too bad in my opinion.

 The one on the left was taken at 10am
The one on the right was taken at 6pm
8 Hours and no touchups! I love this stuff!

Have you checked out Hautelook? If not I would be so happy if you used my referral link :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June MyGlam Bag

Hi Beauties!

Here is my June Glambag

I am really happy with this month except the bag. It stinks! smells like fish. I don't know what is up with their issues with the bags but I hope they figure it out!!
I have been using the Living proof hair cream and I LOVE it so far! My hair feels so soft and it makes it easier to do. I think this is one thing I will purchase for sure! 

I also have tried the NYX lipstick. This is a color I would never just buy on my own but I actually really like it. It is a bit frosty and usually I just don't care for that but when I put this on lightly it just works for me.

As for the eyeliner pen...uh it kinda scares me but it also grabs my interest. I just don't know about it. I have always been a eyeliner pencil girl.

How did you like you Glambag this month?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation, Lipgloss, and Photoready eye primer/brightener Review!

Hi Beauties! 
As you can see from the title this is a crazy post! I was gonna do the products individually but I took pictures and they just all kind of go together so I thought I would get it done in one post! So lets get this started!

If you missed the haul post featuring these items you can see it: HERE It has swatches and the names of the shades :)

I love this foundation. Its light and feels like nothing is on my face. It blends great and gives me good coverage, not the greatest but it is good for me and everyday use. It wears for a long time and with this foundation I only have to touch up my oily face once! for me that is awesome since I have such an oily face. I have a love/hate thing goin on with the packaging. I like it how it looks but it kind of feels icky that I have to stick my fingers into it every time I use it. I just make sure to wash my hands good before using this so that helps my mind a little! 
The first picture is right after I applied this foundation.
The second you can see the eye brightener and the difference it made for me and my dark circles!

I love this eye primer and brightener. As you can see from the pictures above it helped my ugly dark circles out bigtime!  I think it helps to make me look more awake and refreshed. 
However I don't like how they packaged it. I hate the brush on it and I hate how I feel sometimes I have to turn it forever to get the product to come up! With that said I will deal with it because not only does it help hide my dark circles it worked awesome as a primer. 

Top picture is taken after my makeup was done.
Bottom is about 9 hours later.
Yes there is some creasing but for me this isn't bad at all! My eyelids are so oily lately that UD, too faced, and even tarte isn't even helping that much. So for my eye makeup to only be creasing this little bit I can deal with until I find that perfect primer that keeps my eyeshadow in place! 

This lipgloss is such a pretty color. I am totally happy with it. It has somewhat of a smell to it that isn't the greatest but its not horrible. I can deal with it when it is such a pretty color!

These 2 top pictures are right after my makeup was totally done using the foundation, brightener/primer, and lipgloss.

This was taken 9 hours later with no touch ups to show you the wear of it all. Sorry I look exhausted(and was, but had to show you all) Overall I am very happy with the products I chose and will repurchase each item in this post!
 Hope you enjoyed my long post!

 Have or will you try any of these products?

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