Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Model in a Bottle Setting Spray Review

Hi Beauties!

Oh Hautelook how I love you! 

I recently got Model in a Bottle setting spray from hautelook because I am on the search for something to help keep my oily skin matte(Oh you oily skin you drive me crazy!) I have used the UD all nighter and I really like it but it didn't help a ton with my shininess. Well I have to look no more because I think I found me a winner!

So I was actually doing my makeup for a review post(notice that blue eyeliner) the same day I tried this out. Just in case your like wait? what? same picture, different post? Is she tricking us?
It was a busy product review day for me!
Anyways, did my makeup, sprayed this and honestly waited for it to fail. Nothing against the product but knowing my face I didn't have high hopes.
Then kept checking and checking, still no need to touch up my face. Really?!
In fact, I didn't touch up all day! 
I also had this on when I recently went to a concert. Anyone who has been to an indoor concert knows it can get hot and a little sweaty especially when your dancing and moving all around. My makeup looked great when I left. Yes, I was a little shiny but that is a given when I also was dancing and screaming like a crazy woman! The only thing I felt I needed to touch up was my lipstick that night!
This does has a strong scent though. It might be too strong for some. I actually enjoy it. It's like makeup setting spray/perfume for my face. Sweet! haha
I get whiffs of it here and there but it doesn't smell bad at all to me. I know some have more issues with smells and sensitivity so I do wanna throw that out there.
There is also a skin sensitive formula so if you have any sensitivities I would try that.
I don't know if hautelook will have this again...Hopefully! But, you can find it on their site for $18 a bottle which isn't too bad in my opinion.

 The one on the left was taken at 10am
The one on the right was taken at 6pm
8 Hours and no touchups! I love this stuff!

Have you checked out Hautelook? If not I would be so happy if you used my referral link :)

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