Friday, July 6, 2012

I won a Julep Golden box!!! (Pic heavy)

Hi Beauties!
Oh my word! I can't believe I got one! It didn't even register when I was holding the box that it was the "Golden box"! haha I just opened it seen the Congrats and was like WHAAAT! Then was like oh duh its a gold box! haha

Anyways, I was so stoked and excited and it just made me happy! I needed that. Right now I have some pain issues going on that the Doc is trying to figure out so the last week hasn't been the greatest for me. This really just helped my mood!

On to the pictures! There are bunches!

Its all about the sparkles! Which is fine by me!

Now onto the Lip Vernis:

I am so happy with all the colors! I know I will be using all of these!

Have you every won a Golden box?

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