Monday, September 17, 2012

Vacation pictures & Haul!(Pic Heavy)

Hi Beauties!

I recently went on a mini vaca with my mom & dad to Boise, Idaho. It was a nice getaway for me and so nice to spend some time with my mom during the day while my dad worked and then with the both of them in the evening. We had so many laughs, I just loved it! I had a blast and would love to go back there! Boise has some of the most amazing food. The zoo there is so much fun and shopping is great as well!
Here are a few pictures of my fun time spent there!

Heading to the plane
 I always love the views from a plane

Walking..Great weather all weekend! 

 My beautiful mom and huge Abe!
 Decided to go on a paddle-boat. The ducks follow you everywhere. They are too cute!

 Me and my mama on the paddle-boat. 

 My awesome suite I stayed in.

Went to this place called Brewphoria and let me tell you it is AWESOME..Well if your a beer drinker like me. There are so many beers. It was hard deciding!

My first day purchases were these cute sandals at Dillards and then the nail polish at Fred Meyers

 This thing was on the side of the highway. No clue what it was but glad I got the picture in time!

Then the zoo. The amazing zoo that I cannot wait to go to again. Saw so many animals I haven't seen before and I think I made a new friend! He was the sloth bear and he loved to try to get my foot. He was the cutest thing!

Isn't he cute!

 Humongous Komodo Dragon. First time seeing one in real life. 

Tigers were amazing. So close and so beautiful 

 I just loved how the wallaby sat down! Adorable. 


I don't remember the names of these little guys but I wanted to take one home with me!

So cool to see giraffes

 Gorgeous. I love big kitties!

 Silly monkey! He LOVED his bell pepper

Then we went to eat. This was some of the amazingly delicious food at Fork. 

Cute little thang!! This is my new favorite lip balm. 

Mall time! Boise has a huge mall. Great for shoppers like me and my mom!

rue21 is a cute store! Go in one if you have one near you!Great prices and great sales.  I just found out they opened one in my local mall. Excited!

The Forever 21 Store was a success for me this time. Usually I have no luck with the jewelry when I go. This time I wanted everything.

And of course Sephora. I can't pass that store without going in. I went in looking for the UD Naked foundation and came out with another one because of their recommendations. 

So far I am really liking it. I will have a full review soon. 

Got this little set mainly to try the mascara. Happy with all 3 so far!

That pretty much shows what I did! I had so much fun. I am ready to go back!

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