Friday, October 19, 2012

PMD(Personal Microderm) Review

Hi Beauties!!

When it comes to skincare, I haven't done my best. When I was younger and my late teens, I really just didn't care. Horrible Horrible thing to do! No matter what age you have to take care of your skin. Well now I am paying the price. Sun spots, darkness, acne spots, etc...

Then this came into my life. The PMD. 
What I thought was nice is that I could do this in the comfort of my own home without paying the ton of money you have to when going to get it done professionally. I thought, "Why not try this out and see if it works. What do I have to lose(well hopefully those darn spots!)"

This retails for $179 on ..Yes spendy but I think in the end if it works, its worth it. Especially since you would actually be saving vs. going to a professional. This is supposed to give very similar results as professional. However, I can't say if that is true. I haven't had it done professionally before.

My thoughts :
I cannot stress enough to anyone who gets this...Watch the video! It helps tremendously! It's quick and gets to the point. You will learn about the different disks and what to use when you start. Don't try to start using it on your own, If so you could hurt your skin more than help it so please make sure to watch the video. 

I started off with the sensitive disks and just recently went to the next one up. I really do like it but I am still hoping to see better results. I has done a little with the spots but not as much as I hoped.  Since going to the next disk maybe it will help even more. Time will tell.
It has helped my skin tone out and seems to make it easier for product to go on my face whether it be lotion, foundation or masks. It also has cut down my breakouts....My skin just feels better. 

As you can see in the pictures it really hasn't helped tremendously with the spots.

 With all that said I am really happy with it because of the way it has helped my skin feel. I really do think the more I use it over time the better it will get. 

Check out their FB page for more on this: PMD

Have you tried the PMD? What do you think about it?

*This was sent to me free for my honest review

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