Thursday, December 20, 2012

nails inc. sprinkles: topping lane

Hi Beauties!

I've seen this polish all around the blogging world and from pictures I have wanted it so bad. On a recent Sephora trip for a Christmas present, I spotted it, sitting there right in front of me with a little halo around it. OK, maybe no halo or lights but I stared at the beauty of it then grabbed it. Normally, when it comes to pricier polishes I tend to hesitate but with this, I knew I needed it in my collection. I am so happy I got it, formula was wonderful and only needed two coats. The glitter spreads out so even and it is just so fun to look at. Downfall is that it is a PAIN to get off but it is oh so worth it! 

Yes, I do need the rest of these beauties in my life! I now would love to try their other polishes too. 
You can find this on Sephora for $9.50.

Have you tried this nail polish or any other by nails inc?

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