Friday, December 20, 2013

Nicka K New York Polish

Hi Beauties and Happy Friday!
Thanks to ipsy I found a new nail polish I love. I've never tried this brand and to be honest, I don't recall seeing it before this ipsy bag. At first glance I liked it but didn't know how I would feel about it. Once on, turns out I love it! Its a taupe brown color that is opaque in 2 coats. I couldn't find a name but something like Hot Cocoa would work because that is what it totally reminds me of! The formula is fantastic. I am totally impressed and now eager to try more colors from this line!

As you can see, I had to add some glitter to it just to see how I would like it. It looks beautiful and sparkly which is perfect this time of year! 

You can find this polish: **Here**
retails for $4.99

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Have you tried this brand?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

City Color: LED Light Up Lip Gloss Review

Hi Beauties!

You can never have enough lip gloss right? Well, if your like me then you think that way. I am always drawn to the lip gloss section any where I go, whether it be in store or online. I think lips are such a simple way to change up your look in a big way. 
So, when City Color sent these to me I was extremely excited. For one, City color has the best lip products. They smell good and perform good. Second, they are budget friendly, and 3rd they light up! How fun is that?!

Purchase: **HERE**

As far as the performance of the product, it is a basic lip gloss. It doesn't last extremely long but its lightweight and moisturizing for the time it is on your lips. The pink doesn't show up really well but its a great topper or great for those no make up days. The red is beautiful. For a lip gloss I was so pleased at how much color payoff it had. It is a perfect shade for those who want to try out this type of color because its build-able. 

I am very happy with these and would totally recommend them. Great for presents, stocking stuffers, or just because!

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Check out City Color's website: Lots of fun goodies for great prices! I have many reviews on my blog if you would like to check those out for reference. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Julep Maven Mani ft Misti & Joelle

Hi Beauties!

I am LOVING my polishes from the latest Julep Maven box especially Joelle. The glitter is so gorgeous. Every month it is so hard not to upgrade to the full collection. This was one of those months I wanted it so bad but since Christmas is coming I try to not spend too much on me. So, I went with my Boho Glam box and so happy I did(I will have the palette that came in the box in another post).

Misti is described as a smokey blue gray creme. 
It is gorgeous and can easily be a 1 coat polish but I do 2 just cause I can't seem to only do 1.

Joelle is described as smokey holo glitter.
I cannot tell you enough how gorgeous this is. Applies amazingly and is so sparkly.  

Yes, I went a little picture crazy with this mani but I just can't get enough of this. Its so pretty!

If you haven't tried Julep your missing out! You can get your first box free!
I would love for you to click my link :) 
Use code FREEBOX when checking out for your first month free!!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polish: Twilight Rays

Hi Beauties!

As I was browsing target for Christmas presents, I just stumbled upon the cosmetics isle(not so accidentally) and decided I needed a new polish. You can have 300+ polishes but there is always room for another and its a good mood booster for ladies like me who love polish! I haven't really tried Maybelline Color Show polishes but when I spotted this, I had to have it. 

Twilight Rays is a black base with tons of gold glitter. It is opaque in 2 coats and is a great looking polish for this time of year!

Trying to capture this on camera was a bit hard, reason being for some a little blurred. That was just to show the gold a little better. It is such a pretty polish though.

Have you tried this one?

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heart Studs from Born Pretty Store{Pictures + Review}

Hi Beauties!
Happy Sunday and if your like me and my family its Happy Football Day(Go Hawks!)

One of the many thing I love is hearts. They are always just so cute and sweet, so when I had the chance to review these heart studs from Born Pretty Store I of course jumped at the chance.

I love that you get 12 colors with this little stud container. I know it will last me a good amount of time and I would totally purchase this when I run out of these cute hearts. 

I chose to just play around, not knowing what I was going to do. 

They go on just fine and stay put. I add a topcoat over them to give them a little extra staying power.

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Do you like using nail art studs?

Don't forget to use the code mentioned above, its always nice saving a little money!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

4mm Black studs from Born Pretty Store{Pictures + Review}

Hi Beauties!

I love how simple these Nail art Studs are but how different they can make your manicure look. You can really get creative with them. I chose to do a quick simple manicure, I paired Loving me by Pure Nail Lacquer with a matte topcoat...Um, it was love at first sight. 

Purchase: Here 

I am really happy with them but since my nails are on the small side they do stick up a little on some of the corners. No big deal but I might like something a little smaller in the future. I will keep using them since I think they are a great nail art extra and the problem isn't big enough for me to stop using them. 

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Don't forget to use code: LAMG10 for a discount when checking out!

Do you like using these kinds of studs?

Weight-loss Wednesday: My update and tips

Hi Beauties!

It's been a little while since I posted about my weight-loss or anything to do with it since sharing my story.
If you want to check that out to see where I started: My Story
I post more often about weight-loss on instagram, so go follow if you would like.

Onto my update. I am doing good. I have 3lbs to lose before I hit the 40lb loss mark! I cannot believe it. I am so proud of myself and never thought I could do this. I am smaller all over and feel like a totally different person. I love who I am and how strong I have become.

A few random Tips:
WATER! LOTS OF WATER! Let it be majority of what your drinking. 

Set small goals. I have never focused on one big number. I always set small goals that are usually 5lb goals. Our bodies are all different. A number doesn't mean anything, its how you feel. 

Rely on friends and family
They are there for you and support you. I couldn't of done what I've done if not for them. They helped push me and they were there any time I wanted to go run or walk. Don't be afraid to ask for help. 

I am still new to how I want to post on my weight-loss and tips so if you like this, please let me know! I want to help and motivate or just be here to listen if needed.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Born Pretty Store: Feather Decals{Pictures & Review}

Hi Beauties and Happy Tuesday!
Its a beautiful sunny day here in Washington but chilly! How is it where you live?

My new love is adding rhinestones, decals or studs to my nails. I am not very talented in the freehand nail art area so I love that you add other stuff to jazz up your nails. 
Working with Born Pretty Store has made my obsession with nail art supplies grow. They have SO many items to choose from and are very budget friendly. 

Feather Nail Decal retail for $.99, yes only .99cents! 
They are so easy to use and so pretty. I definitely want more. 

Basically, they are a temporary tattoo but for your nails. You dip them in water for about 10 seconds then apply to your nail. Hold a paper towel over to soak up any of the excess water, take off paper and bam you got yourself a pretty little feather decal. Add topcoat and your good to go. Easy. 

Polish color is Give Peach a Chance. 

PR Sample

I really love how easy to use and how pretty they are. I say for how cheap they are, try some for yourself! I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Use the code:  LAMG10 to get 10% off!

Have you tried these types of decals?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wantable Box Review

Hi Beauties!

Until I got a email to review a Wantable box, I had never heard of them. After reading about them and getting familiar with the site, I was really excited about it because they don't just have one type of box. There is 4:
  • Makeup
  • accessories
  • Intimates
  • Limited Edition Halloween box

How cool is that?!
You can subscribe for $36 a month or a one time purchase of $40 so it is a higher priced box subscription. Honestly, for me it would be one I would splurge on here and there.

Choosing the box I wanted to review was hard but since I am so into accessorizing lately, I thought it would be fun to see what I get. I would also love to see a makeup box though.

Here is a card with a little more about it:

Upon opening, I was already excited. The survey I took definitely reflected in what I got. 

I love these hoops. Great for dressing something up at any time of the day! They are simple yet elegant. 

This necklace was a bit out of my comfort zone until I wore it! I actually love it with a simple black top. there is one link that wasn't connected when I received it so I am hoping I can fix it permanently without breaking it totally!

and a scarf, Oh ya! I am all about scarves so this was my favorite. Its really pretty and lightweight. I love the blues and green color together. I am not sure about the design. I just don't know if its supposed to be something or just a random design. Either way, I love it.
I have heard mixed reviews since getting this but I am totally pleased with the box I got. I thought it was fun and it was me. I will wear every piece and often. Its just one of those boxes you'll have to try for yourself and see!

Check our for more information.
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What do you think about the Wantable box?

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