Thursday, January 3, 2013

December ipsy bag

Hi Beauties!

I am a little behind with posting this but still wanted to give my thoughts on the goodies in December's bag.
This was another great month and I was lucky enough to receive a sample of UD's new Beauty Balm.  

Really liked the Beauty Balm and how it went on so effortlessly while feeling so lightweight. I can't say any noticeable signs of it working because the sample isn't that big but I would love to try it some more. Might just buy it! Seems like it does a lot of great things.

The Mirabella Prime wasn't bad but it wasn't for me. I have finally found a regimen that helps with my oiliness and when trying this out it just didn't tackle the oil like I would of liked so I went back to my preferred way. I ended up giving it to a friend who liked it so no loss there! 

 I love this NYX Ultra Pearl Mania eyeshadow! It's a nice bronzy color that I find I like to wear alone with eyeliner. This is the first time I have tried one of these eyeshadows and now I would love more. 

These highlight papers are not for me! I found that they just looked to orangy on me. 

I cannot believe it took me this long to try this! Thank you ipsy for putting this eyeliner in the bag because I love it! I have been using it almost every day since getting it. It is so easy to apply without being to soft or messy. It is just perfect to me. I will definitely buy one when I run out of this one. 

 Last but not least is the lipgloss and a quick FOTD I did using the ipsy products with the exception of the highlight papers. 
I am in love with this lipgloss. It is such a pretty color and it can go from sheer to BAM! a hot bright color. Whatever you prefer, it will do. My friend got this in hers and gave it to me since she won't use it. So happy I have a backup! I would love to try more of their colors. 

and of course I look forward to the next! 

How did you like Decembers ipsy bag?

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