Thursday, March 21, 2013

JulieG's Frosted Gumdrop Collection

Hi Beauties!

I have an amazing nail polish collection to show you. This is JulieG's newest and they do not disappoint. It seems like these textured polishes are the big thing right now. Once OPI came out with liquid sands, I started noticing more brands coming out with their own take on it. Personally out of the ones I've tried, these are my favorite. They have the effect, they sparkle, and they are just gorgeous. They have fun names too which always makes a polish better!

Just a little tidbit: To get full affect do not apply base or top coat and let polish dry a few minutes before applying next coat. For me, they all were good with 2 coats. 

You can find these on Jesses girl website or Rite Aid. 
They retail for $3.99
Purchase: HERE

I don't even know which to pick as a favorite! I really love them all. If you can get your hands on these, do it! 

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