Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ruby Wing: Poppy

Ruby Wing is a brand I haven't tried till now. They are manufactured by the same brand as Color Club so I knew they would be a great brand to try. Then reading up on them I found out they are color changing and scented.How fun is that!

This one is so pretty in the bottle so I knew regardless if it changed or not I would love it. Its such a pretty pink color. 

Just a tidbit. You can use your favorite base coat and topcoat. It won't affect the color changing qualities of this polish.

This polish retails for $10.00
Purchase: HERE

I couldn't capture the changing of it but I did notice in different lights that it was a bit darker. As for the smell, its crazy how it really smells like the flower! Its funny cause it catches you off guard throughout the day. I would randomly smell the flower smell and it lasts till you take it off. Loving this polish. I recommend trying these polishes out. I know I want too!

Check out their FB: RubyWingNailPolish
They currently have a vote going on for polish and the winning polish will be discounted. 

*This was sent to me free for my honest thoughts. 

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