Friday, May 31, 2013

Franki Wedge from Shoedazzle

Hi Beauties!

I Bought This

Ohhh, do I have some cute new wedges to show you! If you follow me on instagram then you really know my love for wedges. They are cute, comfy, easy to walk in and well...they are my favorite type of shoe. My heels are made up of mostly wedges. 

I had some VIP dollars on shoedazzle to use so I went straight to the wedge section. I saw these and even better, they were on sale! So of course that means get them in both colors, right?
I instantly added them to my cart and hit that purchase button. I didn't want anyone else taking them! Too many times I've waited to only get the depressing news that the style was sold out.

Once I got them, you know I ripped into that box. I ooohed and ahhhed and then did that again with the next pair. I tried them on and kept them on for awhile(yes one of each!) They were so comfy and lightweight. Very happy with these!

I wore the pink/silver ones first for a date night. Wore them for about 6 hours and they were totally comfortable the whole time. I could of gone longer but that would of meant they were staying on me while I was sleeping...umm no.
I Bought This

What is your favorite style of shoe?

Check out shoedazzle and get some cute shoes!:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ruby Wing: Summer Love

Hi Beauties!
PR Sample

If you haven't heard of Ruby Wing polish, its a fun polish that changes in the sunlight.
 When I was first sent a couple I was super excited about a different type of polish. They all have had wonderful formula and take 1- 2 coats to be opaque. Long lasting and well, just beautiful! 
The ones I received didn't drastically change in the sun like this one though. I was shocked at the color changing effects with this one. If you were in the room with me you probably would of been annoyed with me! It was a constant "oh wow!" and "so cool" coming out of my mouth over and over. 

Freshly painted its a bright pumpkin orange color.

and then BAM it changes to this rusty brown color. 

Here you can see the changes in the bottle. 

This is the polish slowly turning back to the orange color. 

Still a couple brownish spots but it goes back to the orange totally. 

 PR Sample

I am so impressed with this one. Makes me eager to try more! 
Check out and see all the fun shades they have. There is something for every polish lover.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cuticula Review

Hi Beauties!
 PR Sample

Kristin from rainysunraysnails contacted me about new cuticle oil she was making called Cuticula and of course I jumped at the chance to try it. I've found that if I don't include some kind of cuticle oil in my nail care, they just don't look as good. Plus, I love supporting fellow bloggers! She does AMAZING nails and I am so jealous of her creativity! Definitely check her out. 

You can find her Cuticle oil: Here
Retails for $8.50 and comes in 3 different versions. I received Oh Snap which smells like a ginger snap cookie! yum. 

Now, for my thoughts:
I am really loving this oil. Its lightweight,nourishing, not sticky, and smells great. It soaks in pretty fast so its great for anytime use. I actually keep my bottle by my kitchen sink. Since its faster than my other oils when it comes to soaking in, I like using it every so often after washing my hands or when I am washing dishes, etc. It's really helped my cuticles and hang nails. I have a big problem with hang nails. They drive me crazy! This has seemed to help a bit with that too. I think when I run out of this, I am going to try Sugared just sounds amazing! 

I really suggest this if your in the market for something you can use anytime during the day. You won't be disappointed. 

 PR Sample
Which of the 3 would you like to try?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Color Club: Bright Night

Hi Beauties!
 PR Sample
Ooh, do I have a bright blue polish to show you. If you love blues, you will most likely want this!
I know I've said this often, I am shocked I love blues! I used to hate blue polish on me and I don't know what happened but it is now one of my favorites to wear. On my fingers that is, I still can't stand blue on my toes. Don't know why, just weird I guess! ha

Bright Night is apart of the new Kaleidoscope Summer Collection. The whole collection looks beautifully done. 

I received this and Abyss so be on the lookout for that post soon! 
Purchase: Here

It's a little bit darker in person but gorgeous. I want to change my mani but I don't want to take it off yet. I really am just hooked on this blue.

 It took 2 coats to be to my liking, I really think you could get away with 1 though. I've had it on a couple days and still looks beautiful. No shrinking and minimal chipping and that's only cause I did dishes without gloves. 
Another awesome Color Club polish! 

 PR Sample

Do you have a new favorite color that wasn't one before?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cupcake anyone? {ft Sation}

Hi Beauties!
I have some sugary sweet nails to show you and get this, its 0 calories! ha
Since receiving these polishes, I immediately started thinking of nail art I could attempt. Now most of you know by now that I am not the most skilled when it comes to nail art but I am practicing more and then practicing some more after that. I love some that I do and then really hate some stuff that I do. 

This was one that I loved.

All polishes used were from the Candylandia polishes I received. See swatches of the polishes: HERE
 If you want to do this just have fun with colors! I can do a picture tutorial if needed but it really is simple!

 PR Sample

What kind of sweet treat nail art do you like to do?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sation: Candylandia Polishes

Hi Beauties!
 PR Sample
Sation is a new brand to me. I can't believe I haven't tried any of their polishes before! I received 6 of the 12 from the Candylandia collection and I am beyond pleased with them all. I actually want to get the rest of the collection now. They all went on so smoothly, most opaque with 1 to 2 coats, and they lasted. Also, a nice brush which is a must!

Looks like it's their take on Candyland. Just a fun collection of gorgeous polishes with fun names. I don't know if it's just me but the polish is so much better when it has a fun name.  
They retail for $5. If you want to look or purchase: Candylandia

This one was hard to capture with my camera. I don't know why it was a pain but its a gorgeous lavender polish. True color is in the bottle shot above.

When it comes to favorites, this may be close to it. It is just gorgeous. I love the shimmer in it.

This is described as a striking indigo grape. Striking it is. It's an eye catcher for sure!

This has probably turned into my favorite nude color of all the ones I have. It has a gold shimmer and is just gorgeous. Perfect for low key days!

This is another almost favorite...I just can't choose favorites because I really love them all! This is perfect for toes. I've had it on my toes since getting it and plan to repaint with it too. Just love it.

This was another gorgeous polish but a pain to get a good picture of. I tried different lighting and this was the best when showing true color. Its a little blurry but this polish is gorgeous. Reminds me  of a starry night sky. 

 PR Sample

I have nothing bad to say about these polishes and see myself buying some soon. I actually used these for a little nail art to which I will post soon! 

Have you or will you try these?

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