Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ruby Wing: Summer Love

Hi Beauties!
PR Sample

If you haven't heard of Ruby Wing polish, its a fun polish that changes in the sunlight.
 When I was first sent a couple I was super excited about a different type of polish. They all have had wonderful formula and take 1- 2 coats to be opaque. Long lasting and well, just beautiful! 
The ones I received didn't drastically change in the sun like this one though. I was shocked at the color changing effects with this one. If you were in the room with me you probably would of been annoyed with me! It was a constant "oh wow!" and "so cool" coming out of my mouth over and over. 

Freshly painted its a bright pumpkin orange color.

and then BAM it changes to this rusty brown color. 

Here you can see the changes in the bottle. 

This is the polish slowly turning back to the orange color. 

Still a couple brownish spots but it goes back to the orange totally. 

 PR Sample

I am so impressed with this one. Makes me eager to try more! 
Check out and see all the fun shades they have. There is something for every polish lover.

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