Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sation: Candylandia Polishes

Hi Beauties!
 PR Sample
Sation is a new brand to me. I can't believe I haven't tried any of their polishes before! I received 6 of the 12 from the Candylandia collection and I am beyond pleased with them all. I actually want to get the rest of the collection now. They all went on so smoothly, most opaque with 1 to 2 coats, and they lasted. Also, a nice brush which is a must!

Looks like it's their take on Candyland. Just a fun collection of gorgeous polishes with fun names. I don't know if it's just me but the polish is so much better when it has a fun name.  
They retail for $5. If you want to look or purchase: Candylandia

This one was hard to capture with my camera. I don't know why it was a pain but its a gorgeous lavender polish. True color is in the bottle shot above.

When it comes to favorites, this may be close to it. It is just gorgeous. I love the shimmer in it.

This is described as a striking indigo grape. Striking it is. It's an eye catcher for sure!

This has probably turned into my favorite nude color of all the ones I have. It has a gold shimmer and is just gorgeous. Perfect for low key days!

This is another almost favorite...I just can't choose favorites because I really love them all! This is perfect for toes. I've had it on my toes since getting it and plan to repaint with it too. Just love it.

This was another gorgeous polish but a pain to get a good picture of. I tried different lighting and this was the best when showing true color. Its a little blurry but this polish is gorgeous. Reminds me  of a starry night sky. 

 PR Sample

I have nothing bad to say about these polishes and see myself buying some soon. I actually used these for a little nail art to which I will post soon! 

Have you or will you try these?

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