Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cotton Candy Nails{Great for beginners} ft Sation

Hi Beauties!
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I have an accidental but fun mani to show you! When sent the Candylandia collection I was asked to come up with some Candy themed nail art. I thought that was a great challenge for myself and it would help me practice some nail art. After thinking over and over of what to do, I thought about ice cream or something to do with them. Then I was drawing on my nails and it morphed into cotton candy and I just went with it. I actually really loved how it turned out and the great thing is, this is totally easy. Great for beginners wanting to try something new. You can mess up and still it will look just fine!

I'm so ogre it, paint some sugar on me, unicorns are teal, queenie in a bottle, and you're my lacquer charm.

Not bad for an idea that was messed up, huh?! 
 PR Sample

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