Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jewelry Haul!

I Bought This

Hi Beauties!

First off, I want to say sorry for my lack of posting. Its been a bit hard adjusting to summer with my kiddos. I love it but things like this seem to lack a little because I am so focused on my kids and keeping them from the constant "mom, I'm bored!" So hopefully I can get a bit better juggling both. I have to because I really miss blogging daily! 

Now onto this fun post. I have really been into jewelry lately. Like its a bit out of control! Especially when I see SALE. This is what happened when I went to Fred Meyers. They always have super cute jewelry so when I saw that word(SALE) I had to check it out. Then I saw 50% off. Ooooh, even better. I couldn't resist.  

I loved this simple yet cute bracelet set. One thing I don't have a lot of is bracelets, so I am happy to add this to my collection.

If you've followed me for awhile, then you know my love for flower earring. So, of course I couldn't resist these blue beauties.  

A simple white/silver necklace I see myself wearing a lot.  

I loved all the different pieces in this one bracelet. Really cute on too.  

The funny thing about this necklaces is I've been eyeing it for about a month prier to the sale. The blue just really caught my eye and I really love this type of necklace. I was so happy it was there during the sale. I grabbed it like it was the last one left on the planet! ha  

I loved the simple flower charms on this. I think it will go with a lot as well. 

As you can see, I was all about blue and white. Since I don't have a lot of either it was perfect. 

Does the word SALE get you?

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