Saturday, July 27, 2013

Milani: Nude Creme Lipstick

Hi Beauties!
I Bought This

I can't believe its taken me this long to buy and try one of Milani's lipsticks. I've heard all about them and how great they are but just never picked one up because there was so many colors. I just didn't know which to choose. I figured I would go with Nude Creme and see if I could finally find a good nude color for me. I've wanted the perfect nude for my skintone but they just all washed me out or made me look weird! This has a pinky tone to it and I love it on. It isn't the typical nude color I've seen but I think its the perfect nude color for me! Yay, finally! I love that I can wear it with most anything or any look. Great job with this lipstick Milani!

It also, has wonderful formula and moisturizing. I still get dry lips with it after awhile(normal for me) but it is a lot better than other lipsticks I have. And the smells so good! I love when lips products smell good. I recommend trying one for yourself.

Have you found your perfect nude color?

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