Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Real Purity Goodies {Pictures & Reviews}

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 PR Sample

I was contacted to try out some Real Purity Goodies for an honest review. I figured it would be nice to try something new from a company I haven't tried before. I love that they are natural and organic. If you want, go read their story: *HERE*

They were nice enough to let me choose, which I think is great. Not only will you be trying them out for review, you know you will want to keep trying it if its the right color, product, etc.
After looking at their site and trying to narrow it down I chose a creme blush, lip gloss, and their eye & throat creme.

Oh and before I forget to mention it, you can buy samples to try before deciding on full size products. I absolutely love that!

*My thoughts after pictures*

(Wearing the creme blush and lip gloss in all pictures.)


Creme blush:
 this product you have to play with and most likely build up the color. I needed a 2nd sometimes 3rd application of this to get to the desired color. However, it gives you a beautiful pinky glow that does not look cakey with layers. If your wanting to add a little something for the day out at the beach or just not wanting that full face of makeup look, you would like this. It doesn't looks splotchy or turn out uneven at all. I also think this is wonderful for those wanting to play with creme blush if your new to it. I think it the pigmentation was a little more intense this would be perfect. 

Eye & Throat creme:
OK, so I am a bit obsessed with finding the right eye cream. I'm 31 and not getting younger so of course I want to do everything I can to hold back the lines under my eyes! I chose this simply because of the eye part. I haven't tried it on my neck at all. As for the eye area, I like it but I don't see it doing a ton to that area. To be honest I can't give you a real detailed review because it was only a small sized sample so I can only tell you how it felt. What I loved about it was that it was really creamy and made my under eye area feel super moisturized and stay moisturized. It glided on easily and soaked in quick making it nice that I didn't have to keep rubbing the area being scared of tugging on the skin(wrinkles, stay back!). This is one I would actually like to buy full size and see if it has good potential in becoming my new favorite eye cream!

Lip Gloss:
This was my least favorite. Glad I got a sample to try it though! It was very slick and didn't give much color. It wore off pretty quickly too especially if I was drinking or eating. This would be good for my daughter but not for me. 

PR Sample

Overall, I think they are a great company and would like to try some more of their facial products. Being they are natural and organic, I would love to see what their skin care line could do for me. 

Have you tried anything from Real Purity? Any suggestions?

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