Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rimmel: Airy Fairy Lipstick

Hi Beauties!
I Bought This

A new lipstick. No matter how many you have there is always room for one...or 10 more. I feel like I am constantly searching for the perfect lipstick. That one that looks best on me, stays put, yet moisturizing. I haven't found that perfect one but I am having fun trying to find it.

Shockingly, I haven't tried Rimmel lipsticks until now. I found this one and just instantly knew I needed it. I've wore it a handful of times already and just love the low key yet beautiful color. It has great color payoff and I love how it tones down my berry colored lips. For me, it lasts about 2-3 hours before I need to re-apply with chapstick. I am unlucky with having very dry lips. With that said, I never know how long a lipstick will truly last on its own because I have some kind of chapstick that I reapply every couple hours since lipstick is the most drying for me. I will never give it up though because I just love it!

Have you tried this color?

I Bought This

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