Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weight loss: My story.

Hi Beauties!

So, I know my normal posts are makeup, nail polish, reviews, etc...but I knew eventually I wanted to do this personal blog post. Plus, I've had girls ask me what I've done and wanting to see a blog post sharing my story and my weight battles. For me, I gain easy and losing is TOUGH. Before I get into it more, I ask you to be kind and if anything mean is said, it will be deleted. I am here to help and encourage others with this daily battle.

My name is Miranda and I LOVE food. I am a stress eater and I am a bored eater. 2 types you never want to be and of course I got both of them. I am also a mom. I had my first baby at age 18 and bounced back smaller than when I got pregnant. Then pregnant again and having 2 kids before 20 my body just drastically changed. I went from healthy to not so healthy and my problems just got bigger and bigger(as well as my waist, butt, etc!) I stopped caring about me and was focused on my 2 babies and constantly making sure they were happy and healthy. 

I got married to my high school sweetheart at age 21 and when you get married and comfortable you end up gaining weight....well not everyone but I know a lot that of people that has happened too. Whether it be 10 lbs or more(me).  I got pregnant one more time and was in my happy yet eat anything cause I was prego place. Not good. Now 8 years later after 3rd baby arrived, I am still blaming "baby weight". Not a good excuse.

Now for the hardest part...seeing how much I had topped off at. Before, I was so ashamed to admit my weight but now I see it as motivation to never EVER go back to that unhappy place. I was 220. I was in shock and I just bawled constantly. How did I let myself get to this place and why did I let myself. I knew why, but it just didn't help. I just got to a point(finally) that I knew I needed to change. 

My mom introduced me to Isagenix to get me started. She was my biggest motivator at the time because she knew about my sadness. I started doing just the shakes and some of the snacks and weight started dropping. Nothing drastic but I could see changes. It was wonderful and it really got me going. I don't use them anymore because they were the culprit behind my skin issues but I am at a good point I don't need to rely on them. I knew I needed exercise but honestly I hate it!(another reason for the weight gain) but I knew I needed to find something I love. I started the couch to 5k app and really loved it. I had bumps along the way and skipped days or weeks. I am not perfect so getting used to it all is still a battle at times but now I won't let myself go over a week with no running. I don't want to get out of routine.

I still have really bad days where I feel like I am just as heavy as when I started or that I am failing but most days I find myself just happy and feeling really healthy. I've cut out a lot of crap and stuff I just don't need. I am proud of where I'm at and that I am so focused to get where I want to be. I currently fluctuate from 180-185 and haven't lost a lot of weight lately just because I am gaining the muscle back and that's ok. I've lost about 20 inches total. I am still very self conscious but I've found that it doesn't consume me anymore because I am more and more comfortable with the way I am. I feel more alive than ever and have so much energy to keep up with my family. I found out I love running through all of this(never thought I would say that) and I just feel like a much happier and more positive person now that I am putting myself 1st instead of everyone else. I have moments of pure joy where I just bawl because of my accomplishments. One of them is weighing less than my hubby...oh I cried! Another was getting below 200 lbs...yup, bawled. Feeling pretty again...oh yes, there were tears. Buying smaller sizes, wearing clothes I bought but never wore...tears. As silly as it sounds, but my belly not sticking out farther than my boobs even made me cry! But all tears of joy so I welcomed them. I know there will be many more because this feels like a whole new world. I've been overweight for over 10 years so I had forgotten that confident feeling and that healthy feeling. It is wonderful to be welcoming back. I love that I don't compare myself to others anymore, wishing I looked like them. Instead, I just think how pretty they are in their way but I am pretty in my own way and don't want to be like them anymore. I also love that when someone gets their camera out, I don't run and hide behind someone. I embrace what I got and am proud to show off my hard work! 
Sorry this is all over the place but it's my experience in my words as I think it up. Before I right another chapter lets just get to pictures!

Some of what I eat now:
Low to none processed foods
low sugar, low carbs
fruits and veggies
Fish, chicken, or turkey burger
2 hard boiled eggs a day for snacks
and everything in moderation. No big plates for me! I also allow a cheat day where I can enjoy a meal I really want and I've found it helps tremendously. 
also, lots of water. I add lemon or cucumber and those make it really refreshing.

My go to snack now is veggies. Cutting them up and putting them in bags helps so you can easily grab some when you have the urge for snacking. I find I go straight to my backs rather than my cupboard for the not so good stuff.  

Here are a couple before and now pictures. I still have some to lose but I know I will get there eventually. It took many years to put it on, I don't expect it off overnight.  

I hope that even though this is just a small part of my story, it can inspire you if there is something you need to change in your life. I know if I can do it, you can too! If you ever need someone to talk to or just want some motivation don't hesitate to email me! Any questions please ask in comments. I will get back to you! :) Also, if you like this type of post and want me to continue, let me know in comments.

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