Friday, August 30, 2013

Pure Nail Lacquer{Haul & Swatches}

Hi Beauties!

If your on instagram you can find Pure Nail Lacquer under the name PureNailPolish. That's how I found out about this polish and there was a 24 hour 50% off sale for certain states. Washington was one of them(Yay!) I knew I had to try some. At $5.00 they are already super affordable but then 50% off?! Since it was my first time trying this polish I didn't want to go overboard. Getting them and trying...I wish I did. 

Here is what I chose(Link below pictures for where to purchase)

Love them all. Great formula and they didn't chip until I took them off(2 days). I did have a bit of trouble with Sea Breeze but its so gorgeous I don't care!
I will definitely purchase more!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Born Pretty Reviews

Hi Beauties!

When Born Pretty Store contacted me to review some items I said yes right away. I have seen a lot of blog posts with items from the Born pretty store. Hard part was choosing!

I chose this brush set because I don't have any brushes for nail art. I have only used a couple but I am pretty happy with them. They get the job done and they are a great price! 
They retail for: $5.76
You can find them: HERE

I just thought this was such a great idea. Makes for easy application when it comes to rhinestones and other nail art decals. I am so happy with it. It sticks right away to the studs and doesn't come off till it hits the spot you want it in. I am hooked and need these at all times!
Retail for $1.99
Purchase: HERE 

Last item I chose was polish....of course! Had to try. To be honest I am not a huge fan. I don't like the smell of it at all. It isn't the typical polish smell. I don't even know how to describe it. As for the color I liked. However, It was a more difficult one needing 3-4 coats and still had streakyness. I think it would be better suited for a jelly mani.  

Retails for $6.14
Purchase: HERE

I used the wax pencil for the studs. 

PR Sample

Overall, I am very happy with Born Pretty Store products. I will definitely buy more nail art stuff from there. Prices are great and there is so much to choose from.

If you want to try some goodies from there be sure to use the code in this picture for 10% off!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Glitter Daze {Haul & Swatches}

Hi Beauties!

Recently I had to purchase some polishes from Glitter Daze. After seeing post after post on instagram, I knew I needed to try some out. I chose to go for the 4ml so I could get more polishes to try out. 
4ml retails for $4.00 or 15ml for $11.00.

These are all from the ColorPOP Collection 
Just looking at them in the bottles I knew I would love them!

This is what happens when I try to take pictures and she is around....she thinks she needs all the attention! 
Silly girl! 

I decided to pair them with a polish I thought would look good. I ended up loving my choices! 

So happy with these fun polishes. I can't wait to try more!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

essence: ticket to paradise shimmer powder

Hi Beauties!

I had to go to Fred Meyer's for a few groceries. To be honest, I could have went somewhere closer but why would I when I could go visit the beauty section. 
I was casually strolling through every aisle(yes, I must see every one every time) when I spotted a new collection from essence at the end cap. It was all beautiful but this shimmer powder stood out to me. I actually set it back down but immediately went right back for it. I knew I HAD to have it. 

Problem...I don't want to use it and ruin the pretty flowers. See those upper spaces that have nothing..yup, I've been carefully staying to those sections only.

I am so happy I didn't put this back for good. It gives a gorgeous glow and I have been obsessed with it. I use it daily now. It doesn't come off to gold or to shimmery. Just a perfect glow.

As you can see swatched out of pan it looks gold then blending it out softens the gold and turns into glow.

Go check your Fred Meyer! Or maybe Ulta? If you spot it grab it.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Salon Perfect: Baby Blues

Hi Beauties!

First I have a couple things to say before I get into this post.
I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you all for sticking around and reading my little ole blog. I just saw that I passed the 200,000 page view mark. I am so excited!! Yay

2nd a HUGE THANK YOU to Ashley from She was so nice to make a header and buttons for me again. I am so in love with the design plus yellow is my favorite colors so I feel like it fits me perfectly. 

Now to the post. 

While stopping at Walmart while crossing my fingers to hopefully find the polish I came for I spotted this color. The baby blue color instantly made its way into my basket. Just couldn't leave without it!
Opaque with 1-2 coats. Formula and brush wasn't the best I've ever tried but it was really good!

Oh it is just so gorgeous! Very happy to have it and would like to try more Salon Perfect polishes.

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Have you tried any polishes from this line? Which should I look for next?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

butter London Rock Your Colour: Cream Blush, Mascara, and Tinted Balm Review{Picture Heavy}

Hi Beauties!

How are you? I'm great, enjoying summer and getting kids ready for school. Can't believe its already that time of year!

Anyways, I received these goodies from butter London to play with. Being an admirer of the brand I was super excited. 

Here is a little about it from their website:

Just from that description it sounds fun so you can see why I was excited. 

First is: Cheeky Cream Blush
*A long lasting sheer formula designed to add a pop of colour to your cheeks completing your look.
Naughty Biscuit retails for $20.00
You can find it on the butter London site: HERE or at Ulta. 

I am in LOVE with this cream blush. I find it to be very pigmented and very blend-able. You only need a little bit to go a long way. I like dotting about 3 dots on my cheeks going in a row and then blending it out with a stippling brush. I have tried doing it with just my fingers but found I like the dot and brush technique better. This is a great color for my skin tone and the nice thing is its build-able. You can go for more of a sheer look if your looking for just a low key day look or a couple layers to really make your cheeks pop and look gorgeous. Its lasted about 6 hours on me before I would need a little more due to my oily skin and having to touch up my face with powder. I think it would last longer for non oily girls. However, that won't stop me from using this. I have nothing bad to say about it and definitely want more colors.

Wink Mascara
*Intense colours for the eye formulated to be incredibly blend-able and build-able. 
Brown Sugar retails for $20.00 
You can find it on the butter London site: HERE or Ulta

I don't go for brown mascaras but I actually really like this. I find it goes on darker than what the product looks like on the brush. The formula isn't wet like most mascaras when you first use them. It has that kind of sticky been getting some air feel. That feeling that you want your mascara at. The only thing I wish is that it had more volume power. I have naturally long lashes so I don't need help in that area but I would've like to see help with volume. I really love this for my bottom lashes. It separates and doesn't clump. I will use this often for those days I am doing a natural look or don't want to look to dramatic.  

Lippy Tinted Balm 
*Colours and coverage for any occasion. Our nourishing formula moisturizes and protects your lips with shea butter, and vitamin E.
Toasted Marshmallow retails for $20.00
You can find it on the butter London site: HERE or Ulta 

I like the feeling of it and that it doesn't feel heavy on my lips. It also feels moisturizing. However, I can't just wear this by itself. With my skin tone, I find I don't like it by itself. Or maybe it is because I don't typically go for these type of colors so it seems a bit off to me. I don't know, what do you think? 
I wish I did because it is beautiful when swatched! I would love to try another shade soon though because I really like the product! As for lasting, I wear it with a gloss so it lasts me about 2-3 hours before I touch up again. 

I am wearing all 3 products I mentioned above. 

I went for a more sheer daytime look with the blush but you can still see it gives me a nice pretty pink glow. 

What do you think about butter London's new line?

 PR Sample

* Taken from butter London website

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Butter London: Jaded Jack Polish

Hi Beauties!

This may be shocking but this is my first Butter London polish(Thanks Butter London!) I don't know why I haven't just grabbed one! After receiving this I was so excited to try it out. I loved the color right away so I was hoping for a great polish. 

Jaded Jack is from the new Rock Your Colour collection
Retails for $15: HERE
Jaded Jack also comes in the form of a mascara, cream eye shadow, and eye pencil(reviews soon). 

At first swatch I was in instant love. It went on so smooth and only needed 2 coats. It also dries semi matte which I really like.

The polish is wonderful by itself but I am all about a little extra with my nails so I gave flowers a go. I liked how they turned out for my first time. 

For you green polish lovers, I think this is a must, You will love it!

 PR Sample

I see myself buying butter London polishes for sure now. After using this and seeing first hand how wonderful the formula is I am sold! Now the wishlist begins! Since they are a bit on the pricey side, it will take me awhile to get a good collection going but I think it will be a great treat for myself every so often! 

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