Tuesday, August 27, 2013

essence: ticket to paradise shimmer powder

Hi Beauties!

I had to go to Fred Meyer's for a few groceries. To be honest, I could have went somewhere closer but why would I when I could go visit the beauty section. 
I was casually strolling through every aisle(yes, I must see every one every time) when I spotted a new collection from essence at the end cap. It was all beautiful but this shimmer powder stood out to me. I actually set it back down but immediately went right back for it. I knew I HAD to have it. 

Problem...I don't want to use it and ruin the pretty flowers. See those upper spaces that have nothing..yup, I've been carefully staying to those sections only.

I am so happy I didn't put this back for good. It gives a gorgeous glow and I have been obsessed with it. I use it daily now. It doesn't come off to gold or to shimmery. Just a perfect glow.

As you can see swatched out of pan it looks gold then blending it out softens the gold and turns into glow.

Go check your Fred Meyer! Or maybe Ulta? If you spot it grab it.

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