Monday, September 30, 2013

City Color Lip Lush Jumbo Pencil{Swatches & Review}

Hi Beauties!
OK, so we all know the world of lip crayons. Every brand seems to be coming out with their version and every time I think I need them all! There is just something about these products that gets me time and time again. So, when I got the chance to review some new ones from City Color, I jumped at the chance. 

*Review after pictures

My Thoughts:
They glide on smoothly with great color payoff. The red however did not want to stay put on the inner part of my lips so it took a little more than the others for it to be opaque. I do love the color though. It's a red that suits my skintone and I have already wore it a few times. Coral has a bit of shimmer in it but it is a great summertime color. I don't see myself wearing it often for fall and winter but be sure I will be getting it out come springtime! Dark Pink was the one that went on the best and with only 1 coat. They last a couple hours for me before I feel the need to retouch. Red last longer because it leaves a bit of stain on my lips after its starts to fade. Their nourishing and don't clump or look cakey at all. Just another great lip pencil in my opinion. Very budget friend as well. I say pass the more expensive and give these a try first. You just might be pleasantly surprised!  

Check out these and more shades at

 PR Sample

Friday, September 27, 2013

City Color: Shades for Days Palette {Review & look}

Hi beauties!
I have a fun palette to show you. At first site I was oohing and aahing. I loved the packaging and the colors range from low key to intense. You have all the colors to create any type of eye look you can imagine. 
Quality wise, To be honest not all the eyeshadows are going to be amazing. Some a little chalky and some more sheer than others but there area a lot of amazing colors. Some are even my go to colors lately! I think this would be great for anyone but it would be a great starter palette for someone. It also is budget friendly which is a big plus in my world. I am all about a good deal! 

**A little tip from me: use a base for these. You'll get better color payoff and it will make it long lasting. Even if you don't have the need for a base(lucky you!) You still may want to try it.

Retails for $14.99
Purchase here: Shades for Days Palette

This was just one of the looks I came up with.

 Just remember with a big palette like this, the best thing you can do is just have fun with it!

Do you like palettes like this?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ruby Wing: Doux

Are you ready to see another gorgeous color changing polish? If your like me you can get enough of seeing and using these! This is Doux from the new Fall collection Cupcakes & Champagne.
I only have this one and Strawberry Shortcake but let me tell you, I must own them all. It's so rare for me to want a whole collection from a polish line. This collection is just beautifully done and well Cupcakes & Champagne...whats better than that! ha

This retails for $10: HERE

I will say this is tricky when applying only because its clear at first. You may think you have no mistakes and then you play the game like I do where you put your nails in and out of the sun repeatedly...then you see your mistakes(like you will see below). So just be careful when applying. Besides that it is GORGEOUS. The purple is so intense and sparkly. I am very impressed once again.

What do you think of color changing polish? I have been telling everyone close to me about it and highly recommend it to try out!

PR Sample

Bongo Polish: Mint Chip Madness

Hi Beauties!

I've know for a long time that Bongo is a clothes line, however my last trip to Kmart I saw nail polishes and some cosmetics. Of course I had to try one, I went for a polish first. These retail for about $3 and there was about 10 colors I want to say. I am not 100 percent positive because there was a lot gone but from what I can remember it was about that. I went for the minty colored one because, well, I think I need every version out there of this color. I am so happy I did. It's gorgeous and has a shimmer to it making it a bit different from other shades like this. It went on smoothly and only took 2 coats to look great. I am hooked and now want more of these polishes. 

I Bought This

Have you tried a Bongo polish?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ruby Wing: Strawberry Shortcake

Hi Beauties!

These polishes are so much fun. Ruby Wing did a great job with these. After painting your nails, the sunlight hits them instantly changing them into a totally different polish. I seriously will go in the shade, in the sun, in the shade, in the sun just to watch it change. Its like a magic trick. ha. Also, they are scented. Whatever the name is the smell goes with it. This one smells so good but be sure to not randomly start sniffing your fingers in public, you might get some confused stares!

This is from the new Cupcakes & Champagne collection which you can see HERE
They all look gorgeous. 
These retail for $10 each.

here you can see half of the bottle changed because of how I was holding it. Pretty neat huh?

and here is where you see the magic! Isn't that amazing. I love both versions and was just shocked at how intense the color was in the sunlight. 
I continue to be impressed every time receiving these. They are so different from what is out there. They make for fun presents or a treat for yourself! You gotta try one.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Color Club: Silver Lake

Hi Beauties!
I know I have been a little MIA here but for good reason. Kids starting school has been hectic and I've taken time to just refocus. 
Now I am back and have some fun things planned so stay tuned!

Since receiving silver lake, every time I use it, I love it more and more. I used it 3 times within a week alone and as a base. It is so pretty on its own but a great base for glitter polishes as well. I just can't get enough of it.

This polish is from the Girl About Town Fall collection.
Retails for $8.00 
See more: Here

*2 coats

PR Sample

I would actually love to own this whole collection. They all look gorgeous. 

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