Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ruby Wing: Doux

Are you ready to see another gorgeous color changing polish? If your like me you can get enough of seeing and using these! This is Doux from the new Fall collection Cupcakes & Champagne.
I only have this one and Strawberry Shortcake but let me tell you, I must own them all. It's so rare for me to want a whole collection from a polish line. This collection is just beautifully done and well Cupcakes & Champagne...whats better than that! ha

This retails for $10: HERE

I will say this is tricky when applying only because its clear at first. You may think you have no mistakes and then you play the game like I do where you put your nails in and out of the sun repeatedly...then you see your mistakes(like you will see below). So just be careful when applying. Besides that it is GORGEOUS. The purple is so intense and sparkly. I am very impressed once again.

What do you think of color changing polish? I have been telling everyone close to me about it and highly recommend it to try out!

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