Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ruby Wing: Strawberry Shortcake

Hi Beauties!

These polishes are so much fun. Ruby Wing did a great job with these. After painting your nails, the sunlight hits them instantly changing them into a totally different polish. I seriously will go in the shade, in the sun, in the shade, in the sun just to watch it change. Its like a magic trick. ha. Also, they are scented. Whatever the name is the smell goes with it. This one smells so good but be sure to not randomly start sniffing your fingers in public, you might get some confused stares!

This is from the new Cupcakes & Champagne collection which you can see HERE
They all look gorgeous. 
These retail for $10 each.

here you can see half of the bottle changed because of how I was holding it. Pretty neat huh?

and here is where you see the magic! Isn't that amazing. I love both versions and was just shocked at how intense the color was in the sunlight. 
I continue to be impressed every time receiving these. They are so different from what is out there. They make for fun presents or a treat for yourself! You gotta try one.

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