Friday, October 11, 2013

L'oreal Magic Nude Foundation. {Before & After Pictures + my thoughts}

Hi Beauties and Happy Friday!

I was sent a bottle of L'oreal Magic Nude foundation from SheSpeaks to try out and review. I have heard tons of things about this but never willingly went out and bought it. It is supposed to go from a very liquid foundation and turn into a powder finish. It didn't really interest me just because I thought it being so liquidy like water, it wouldn't cover my imperfections. Glad to be able to try it!

 PR Sample
My thoughts after the pictures

My thoughts:
It does give you that powder finish which I liked. Didn't think it would be that intense but it really was. I tried using my fingers the first time I wore it and didn't like it. I am not a finger using person though. If I am in a rush with some bb cream I will but I prefer brushes any day. Next time I chose a stippling brush from real techniques and I loved that way. You have to be very careful our it can turn very streaky. Start by using very little. It goes a long way. As for coverage, I think its decent. It got rid of most my redness and I didn't feel as if I needed concealer everywhere on my face. 
Also, if your oily like me, don't forget primer! Without it, it wore pretty quickly and got a little patchy. It only lasted me a few hours before I had to touch up or turn into a blotchy mess. That was the downside which makes me iffy to purchase it in the future. 
To sum it up:
Do I like it? Yes
Would I purchase it? Probably not

It just doesn't go above and beyond like other foundations I use. 

PR Sample

Have you tried this foundation?

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