Tuesday, January 21, 2014

it Cosmetics: Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector{Review & Pictures}

Hi Beauties!

We all want the fresh, wide awake look when waking up every morning. Sadly, it doesn't happen for a lot of us but that's why they make great correctors and concealers, right?
For me(and many others) there are the dreaded dark circles under our eyes. I have always had them and know I will never get rid of them. So, my search for my holy grail concealer goes on and on and on. I have found some great ones along the way but I still hope to find that one that will do it all. I think this just might help me in the meanwhile...

I am talking about it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
This retails for $29.00 and you can purchase it at https://www.itcosmetics.com or Ulta

Its your sleep in a bottle. It has the peachy tone to it to help cancel out the darkness and a whole bunch of good stuff in it as you can see in the picture below.

Its creamy, easy to apply and a little goes a long way so you have to be careful. It can be a little cakey if you apply too much. It helps to cover my darkness beautifully and the nice thing is, it works well with other concealers so you can get that extra coverage if you like doing so. 
You can see in my top picture, the darkness in the corners of my eyes. Its something I just can't stand but know I just have to deal with it. 
The middle picture is using a small dab and blending it out with a brush. I personally like using a small brush but it also blends out nicely with your finger. 
Lastly is when my makeup is done and I have set everything with a powder. You can see it does help to brighten my eye area. Now its not a miracle but it does work and it does its job well enough for me to not feel so self conscious about my dark under eyes. 

If you don't mind spending the money, go for it. Its a great product that will last a long time. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Revlon Age Defying Firming & Lifting foundation

Hi Beauties!

Oh foundation, so many of them out there. Different brands, finishes, results. You never know where to start! I am always buying foundation it seems. I love the stuff but I am on my search for that foundation that works best with my skin.
First my skin...its a mess. Acne prone and oily, mainly in the t-zone area. Its sensitive but not overly. I have acne scarring and redness as well. Plus I am getting older, I am almost 32 and my skin just isn't what it used to be. So, anything anti aging or that will help in any way with that, I am willing to try. 

So, when I spotted this in Walgreens I immediately compared and figured out which one I should take home. I have tried Revlon foundations before and really liked them, so trying this was a must.  
A little about this before I ramble on any more:(taken from site) 
This all-in-one formula combines hyaluronic acid, a potent dose of moisturizing ingredients and our exclusive Triple Lift Complex™. Relax the look of expression lines, give skin a smooth, tightened feel and boost hydration 3X. For a radiant, rejuvenated look.

You can read more:

I forgot exactly what I paid for it but it was around $15

My thoughts after the pictures

I tried to show you my face flaws, as you can see my skin is far from perfect so I need something good to cover it up.

I used the beauty blender with about 3 pumps of the foundation. 

Finished face 

I'll start by saying my preferred method when applying this foundation is with the beauty blender. I feel like it totally helped it lay nicely on my face and left no streaks whatsoever. It never got cakey, even with a 2nd or 3rd layer. 

Now, I bet your wondering...well, do you like it? Get to the point, right? 
I love it! I love the finish and that I can layer and layer to even out my skin-tone and cover my scars. It didn't cover every scar I had but that's why they made concealer, right?! It gives a nice glow, perking up my skin and is super lightweight. It wears wonderfully throughout the day. My biggest issue with foundations is them getting splotchy when my oiliness starts to come though. This doesn't! Yes, it wears off but you don't see any noticeable splotchy messes. Now if your super oily, this is supposed to be one of those hydrating foundations so this won't last forever on you but if you have the right primer and setting powder you can get a good 4-6 hour wear before touch up. For me that works just fine. I really don't expect a miracle with foundations that will let me go a full day with no touch ups. That's just in my fantasy land! As far as the lifting and firming, I can't say. I've only had this about a week so I know that won't happen right away. Even if it doesn't, I don't mind. The rest of what this foundation has done for me is enough to keep me  and my skin happy. 

 I am just totally hooked, I already want to buy a backup because I am loving it so much. 

If you have any questions about it, please ask! I tried to cover as much as I could without writing a book but I am sure I missed something.

Have you tried this yet? Do you plan too?

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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Twenty-Two by Formula X for Sephora.

Hi Beauties!
Very rarely is there a collection of polishes that I must get my hands on all of them. But, when it happens, it happens. When seeing this in sephora in early December, I knew I must get my hands on it. All the polishes in it looked fun and I knew I would use them all for nail art and more. I was actually lucky enough to get this from my hubby for Christmas, it was definitely worth the wait!

This is called the Twenty- Two. Twenty Two of Formula X for Sephora mini polishes with different types of finishes, some fun top coats and just a must have for polish enthusiasts.
It retails for $55 and you can find it: HERE 

Now onto all the pictures!

There is also a black one but its just a basic black, I just chose not to add it to this. It is a great black though!

As you can see there are some beautiful colors, also ones that need a base and are a little difficult to work with but not too bad. I am very impressed and so happy to have this collection! If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below.

I Bought This 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Loaded Lacquer Polishes

Hi Beauties and Happy New Year!
Can you believe its 2014?! Hope you all had a wonderful time bringing in the new year. I was with my family playing games all night and just being silly! 

When it comes to indie polish, you will always find unique, fun polishes. I found Heather from Loaded Lacquer on instagram before her launch and let me tell you, not only is she the nicest girl but her polishes are AMAZING! I was so lucky to be sent 4 of her homemade beauties and I now know I need ALL of her polishes in my life. 

Please get to know Heather and her polish line, you can see all about her and her creations: **HERE**

OK, so lets get to these beauties and then you will see why you need them in your life as well.

Aren't they beautiful?! 

Rubbernecker was the hardest to photograph. The beauty of it just didn't want to show up on camera but believe me, It is gorgeous. The nice thing about it is, you can wear it alone and with just 2 coats.

Moonshine in a Jar is another very chunky glitter so you can get away with wearing it alone in 2-3 coats. I personally love just 2 coats of it and over a nude colored base I think would look good under it. 

Mintallica is definitely a topper for a colored polish in my opinion. Its gorgeous and will look great over many different colors!

Oxygen Bar I just love! Its bubbly and fun. The colors all work wonderful together and it will look great over many colors as well!

I chose to just show you these polishes by themselves with no topcoat to feature how they look. They have wonderful formula for glitters and go on smooth and evenly. If you don't follow me on instagram you should! I will be featuring these more, showing you how I personally wear them and with what colors. My instagram is mirandasmakeup 

I am just so impressed with these and excited to get some more. If you haven't purchased any indie polish, I suggest Loaded Lacquer for your first. You won't be disappointed!

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