Friday, March 14, 2014

Indie Friday{Sincerely Polish}

Hi Beauties!

As a polish lover, I love to try anything and everything especially Indie polishes. They are some of the coolest and different polishes out there. I also love getting to know the creator. To see why they began making and just to chit chat with them. It's all fun. So I thought what better way then to start featuring Indie makers on here, give a little background on them and of course show the goods! So here we have Karen from Sincerely Polish. 
I asked her to give a little about me and then answer a few fun questions. She was wonderful and totally up for it all so here we go.

Tell us about yourself.
A little about me.. Hmm
I graduated as a Psychology and Sociology Major. I was a teacher for 1 year and although it was a wonderful experience, the school was unfortunately very disorganized which made it quite stressful for me. I was unemployed for 1 year wondering what I should be doing with my life. 

I contemplated being a writer (because I love reading), I tried selling cupcakes and macarons (because I love baking), I even tried blogging (because I love make-up and beauty products). But I was still lost. 

I finally got a job as an administrative assistant which is a pretty good stable job. Once I saved enough money, I ventured into nail polish making. 

That's pretty much how my indie business started. I was searching for an outlet where I can be creative and do something that makes me happy. So far it's been great. I have a full time job where I receive income and keeps me going and a small business where I get to be me and express myself. 

What was the first polish you made?
The first polish I made was never released. I bought a kit that I played around with for a while. But the first one I made for my collection that was released was Maria Veronica. She went through a few changes. At first she was a white crelly until I finally decided that a light pink crelly would be best. 

Do you have a favorite?
Favorites: I'd like to say that they're all my favorites because I do a lot of planning and testing before the final product is finished. But if I was a buyer, I'd pick Marie Joyce, Mia, Mariel and Dance Up on Me.

Anything else my readers should know about you or is there any fun facts you would like to share?
I fell out of a moving vehicle when I was six and still living in the Philippines. It was a jeepney/service van vehicle and I was playing Marco Polo with other kids inside (don't ask who we were able to do that but we did).. then the back door opened and I feel on my butt... I rolled for what seemed like forever until I finally stopped. I was more worried about being left behind because I could see the vehicle driving away so when I finally stopped rolling, I stood up and ran as fast as I could chasing after the van. Finally the van stopped and I reached it. That' when I started crying but I was totally fine. Only had a few bruises. 

Love baking, cooking, scrapbooking, reading and of course glitters and making polishes.

I have the most vivid dreams and I can sometimes control them and do what I want. 

I love scary movies and freaking myself out. 

And now for her polishes. They all were awesome. Went on great and just beautiful! 


Beautiful, huh? Which do you like most?

Definitely check her shop out!

You can also find her on instagram:

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