Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Milani Power Lip: Strawberry Sugar

Hi Beauties!

I swear when new lip products come out, I want one of each actually every shade of every new item but then I come back to reality and try one, see how I like it, then go buy tons more!

This is one of Milani's fun new products they just released. It is the Power Lip. A gloss stain that is long lasting while moisturizing. I always get iffy with stains because my lips are so dry in the first place that I feel like I have to apply chapstick every 5 minutes when wearing a stain. So, seeing the moisturizing word got me. I had to try and see what my lips thought.

They retail around $6 depending on where you go. You can also find them: HERE
I found mine at Fred Meyers. 

Now for my thoughts.
I typically don't go for these milky pink colors because I feel they don't look good on me. With this one I actually liked it. However, I had to blend it out with my fingers. Using the brush tip does put it on a bit thick and the color is more intense. I find the more opaque the color, the more I didn't like it on me. 
As for long lasting, it was. I found it lasted me 4 hours before I felt it got a little patchy due to drinking.
Moisturizing? eh, for me not so much. Like I said, I have dry lips. I swear I can coat them with a tube of chapstick and they still will be dry so for me this just wasn't moisturizing like I hoped. 
Would I purchase again?
Yes! I loved the color payoff and I think another color I am more comfortable with I would love even more. I really want to try the Macaroon and Raspberry tart.

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Have you tried the Power Lips?

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