Sunday, March 16, 2014

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Hi Beauties!

I am all about trying new face brushes or in this case a new sponge. I love my beauty blender. It has been my go-to tool for my foundation. I reach for it so much compared to my brushes. The only problem....
The price. Yes it works great and is worth it but could the Real Techniques possibly take its place and not hurt the wallet? 
Well, I will tell you....It does! I instantly loved it from the first try. After hearing rave after rave from my friend Ashley, I knew I MUST get my hands on it. I checked Ulta over and over and over again and nothing. I ended up giving in and ordering from because I was so sick of waiting to see if it would come in the store.

It retails for $5.99 yes $5.99! 

This is when damp

right after using the sponge with foundation. I even used extra to see how it would work and it just made the foundation melt into my skin. 

My finished low key makeup day face. Wasn't going anywhere but wanted to show you the results. No concealer used except for a little under eye concealer.

I seriously love this sponge. I have been using it every time I use foundation and almost want to buy a backup just in case! It helps foundation go on so smoothly, melting it into the skin and you don't get any of that cakeyness you might get with a brush even if you use too much. It covers imperfections and helps great a wonderful canvas for the rest of your makeup.  
It also works great with under eye concealer. Just use the tip part of the sponge and it will blend out your concealer beautifully. 
I really have nothing bad to say about this makeup sponge. The only bad part is finding it in the store. Hoping they will start having it in stock regularly.
I personally think it works just as great as the beauty blender giving beautiful results. I know I will buy it again and again.

Lets see beauty blender for $19.99 or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge for $5.99?

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