Friday, April 11, 2014

Nicka K New York Lipsticks{Euphoria & Resort}

Hi beauties and a happy Friday!

A few weeks ago Nicka K did a giveaway on instagram and I somehow got lucky and won. Yay!
I knew about their polish but didn't know they had cosmetics until winning. These 2 lipsticks were apart of the prize and of course I was stoked. I love lip products and trying new brands.
After receiving these, I had to check out their website. I found lots of stuff I now want and the best part is they are budget friendly. These lipsticks are only $4.99!

If you want to check them out click: *HERE*
left is Eurphora and right is Resort

They are creamy, pigmented, moisturizing, long lasting. Basically everything you want in a lipstick and they are cheap! They have a sweet smell that isn't overpowering. It actually smells really good but like I said not overpowering for those sensitive to smell and goes away. I am hooked and want to get a few more now. They have a variety of colors so I am sure there is something for everyone!

I say try if you can!

*excuse the hearts in the picture. I edited these before the whole blog name mess and having to shorten it.

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