About Me

I am just a country girl from good ole rainy(but beautiful) Washington. I am a 30 year old mama of 3. Married to my high school sweet heart and just loving life. I am a huge Seahawks fan(thanks to the hubby), love animals, shopping, and recently really getting into home decorating.
Just a few years ago I really started getting into beauty/fashion thanks to youtube. Now I love everything to do with it! I love learning techniques and all the little fun things that go a long with it. I also got really into nail polish and love doing my nails. I find it good stress relief. Now that I have done this blog for a little over a year and a half  my advice to those who want to start would be have fun with it and be yourself! To many get caught up in what they think others want to see or how they can get a bunch of free stuff. I don't think it is about that. You show you and everyone will welcome you with open arms. I may be all over the place with my blog at times but it is me and I love it this way!
 I hope you all enjoy my blog and getting to know me. Feel free to leave a question, to say hi, or whatever you need to say. I always love chatting with fellow bloggers!

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